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I’m giving a webinar later today on social media (which I believe you’re welcome to attend, if you want.)

I’m supposed to tell public media people about my job and how they can use social media for their shows and stations. I have a power point presentation and some links and stuff but thought I’d ask if anyone has any specific advice, either for giving presentations (eek) or for people who might be getting on social media for the first time….


Day 2 of my new daily conversation starter. Like a water cooler moment for friends across the Interwebs. Yesterday’s topic was purely cultural so today’s is purely social media, although that is cultural too. Right?

My two cents worth for the attendees of NPR’s webinar is: LISTEN. We’ve all had tons of practice listening - putting our listening ears on and instructing kids to do the same - but we still rush in with responses and proclamations. why do we humans have such a hard time with a seemingly simple skill?

Yes, a little ironic that I’m asking for your response here, and if you do add your 2 cents, I’ll know you’ve been listening.

  1. dinsmoor answered: I’m actually a social media director for WMTU in Houghton, MI and I’m excited to see your webinar! I *always* need new ideas!
  2. appfuturz answered: Some active listening guidlines… they have helped me!
  3. emilykilpatrick answered: Aw darn, I missed it…
  4. xombiewoof answered: it is in my opinion that your “reach” in social media id directly proportionate to your real social ability, it is an extension of real life
  5. saschaisking answered: my advice: don’t
  6. deadlinecom answered: Would love to see your presentation…But need more than 140 characters to give any useful advice on prepping SM newbies…
  7. itsokaymaybe answered: Yo yo yo
  8. mamaswears answered: Such good advice you’re getting! I do these presentations a lot - definitely engage with users, show your personality, and NEVER LIE.
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    Day 2 of my new daily conversation starter. Like a water cooler moment for friends across the Interwebs. Yesterday’s...
  10. joancallamezzo answered: Learn the mores of each platform before using and posting. Someone on npr adds comments to reblogs “incorrectly,” and it drives me crazy lol.
  11. apatosaurus answered: Know and enjoy the special culture and features of each platform. Engage in conversations. Don’t limit to FB and Twitter.
  12. purpleganda answered: I did a SM presentation for Burning Man HQ and my mistake was assuming what folks already knew. Open by asking what folks want to learn.
  13. popularconscience answered: When to respond to comments or I guess censor them?
  14. girlwithalessonplan said: Contact world-shaker. That’s what he does.
  15. dannygronerportfolio answered: This article I wrote should be of some help when making your slides:…
  16. 63words answered: engaging the audience and creating a conversation is always more effective than simply posting basic information
  17. becomingbrey answered: friendly-ness, being personable. in the age of the internet we all know anyone can be mean, but being nice/good sense of humor does wonders
  18. kl7 answered: It’s not about shoving your own content to a new platform. You have to engage the community and she curation tastes through reblogs & retweet
  19. surfsurfersurfing answered: flesh and blood relationships are key to a great life. Social, digital relationships are just fun fake relationships.
  20. palmtreepalmtree answered: Even though you’re representing an entire brand/program/network, I respond better as a consumer when there is a genuine person behind it.
  21. isopod answered: I love the fresh air tumblr for having a sense of humor and a consistent voice/personality, as well as behind-the-scenes feel.
  22. dangeranddelight answered: Advice: Don’t let anyone touch corporate social media who hasn’t been actively using it personally for at least two or three years.
  23. louisandrade answered: When in doubt, never post something controversial or offensive. Just err on the side of caution.
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